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College Bound - Student Banking

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For college bound students, we offer the Smart Student Package which gives college students the convenience of mobile banking, the flexibility of ATM/debit transactions, the waiver of $10 in ATM fees per month, free checking, and the Visa® Secured Card.  We also offer affordable student loans to supplement financial aid and federal loans, and after graduation, a loan to consolidate both private and federal student loans.  We provide Financial Literacy workshops to teach students how to manage their money and establish good credit. Good financial habits last a lifetime. 

The college experience can be quite intimidating, specifically from a financial aspect. For most students, this is the first time they will be on their own. For both parents and student, the Money Talk should be started well in advance of the student going off to college on a host of topics related to their finances:

  • Budgeting - fixed expenses versus fun money
  • Fundamentals of using plastic - when to use debit card, smart card and credit card 
  • Avoiding overspending - keeping track of the budget and living within the budget 
  • Establishing credit - using credit responsibly and paying bills on time
  • Working - supplementing expenses through part-time or campus work

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