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All Debit Cards we issue have an EMV chip to provide enhanced security.

What you need to know about EMV

What is EMV?
EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) is micro-computer chip technology that provides increased security capability. This advanced technology is currently in use throughout Europe, Canada and other global markets and is becoming more common here in the United States.

How does the chip provide added security?
All sensitive data is stored within the EMV chip so that unauthorized users are unable to access its data, such as skimming and card cloning. Your purchase is verified as soon as it is made, which will also work to keep your personal data safe.

How do I use my new EMV card?
You can use your chip-enabled Debit Card everywhere Visa® is accepted—at card readers that are chip-enabled and those that aren’t. Your chip card will still work at terminals where only magnetic stripe transactions are accepted.

If the terminal is chip card-enabled, it will recognize your card as a chip card after you swipe the magnetic strip. A message will be displayed on the terminal screen prompting you to insert the card into the terminal.

Once you place the card in the terminal, it will remain there until the transaction is completed. To complete the transaction you will be prompted to do one of two things: provide a signature or enter your PIN. Remember to remove your card from the terminal once you complete the transaction.

Question? Assistance?
For more information, please contact us at 800-356-0067.

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