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Major Purchases

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If you're like most people, you will likely make more than a few major purchases during your lifetime.  It's unavoidable - a car to go to work, a roof over your head, and amenities to make life easier, and more fun! 

How do you pay for these purchases costing thousands or even hundreds of thousands?  

If it's a car or house, you could finance through us. We have a variety of loans to meet your needs.  Before you shop, come in for a free pre-approval so that you can shop with confidence knowing how much you can afford. And once you find the ideal car or home, we'll help you close quickly.

If it's a pricey item like a new refrigerator, roof repair, or a piano for your child, what should you do?  Should you pay cash or finance it?  

Before you make any purchase, you should do your research.  Find out how much the item will cost, how much you can afford, and what alternatives are available.  

The best approach is to save in advance for the item. Once you have completed your research, we can set up an account for you with automatic transfers into your savings account to reach your goal. If you need the item before you can save for it, you can apply for a personal loan with us. This way, you can avoid putting your pricey purchase on your credit card or dipping into an emergency fund.  

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