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Q&A: Proposed Merger with Ocean Spray Employees Federal Credit Union

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Member Voting

How do I vote for the proposed merger?
Members are required to vote in person at the Special Meeting on Monday, December 9, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Both Merrimack Valley Credit Union and Ocean Spray Employees Federal Credit Union members will cast their votes on the same day at their respective locations. In order to vote, you must have opened your membership prior to September 10, 2019 (per statutory requirements). There is only one vote per membership. You will have two choices – vote “For” or “Against” the proposed merger. The Board and Senior Management of Merrimack Valley Credit Union recommend that members vote “FOR” the proposed merger.

Do Ocean Spray Employees FCU members have to vote?
Yes. Their members will cast their votes on the same day as our members. 

Can I vote by mail?
No. State law does not allow us to accept merger votes by mail.

Why merge?

Why is Merrimack Valley Credit Union merging with Ocean Spray Employees Federal Credit Union?
Over the last several months, the management team of Ocean Spray Employees Federal Credit Union has been evaluating the performance of the institution in light of its ongoing ability to meet member expectations as as well as the long term sustainability of value to the membership.

After comprehensive analysis, it was the opinion of the Board of Directors that the best direction for the future of Ocean Spray Employees FCU lies in a merger with a larger institution.  It was important for Ocean Spray Employees FCU to find a potential merger partner that shared their values and principles.  Ocean Spray has shared an office location in MVCU's Bridgewater location for the past two years and each credit union has become familiar with the other's culture and values.  Recognizing the advantages and many benefits that would flow to the membership, the decision was made to pursue approval of a merger with Merrimack Valley Credit Union.

Who is Ocean Spray Employees Credit Union?
Ocean Spray Employees Credit Union is a member-owned federally-chartered credit union providing financial services to Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. employees, contract-member growers, and their families.  They offer a variety of savings and loan products to their 1,100 members, who live throughout the country.  Their branch is located within MVCU's Bridgewater location.  

What is the merger process and timeline?
We expect to merge and consolidate Ocean Spray Employees FCU's systems and accounts into Merrimack Valley Credit Union sometime in 2020. We will continue to keep you informed.

How does this merger affect me?

How will my accounts be impacted?
Merrimack Valley Credit Union members will see no impact to their accounts, account numbers or fees. You will be able to conduct business as you always have, without any changes to your accounts or the branch locations you currently visit.

Will my account number change?
No. Your account number will not change.

Will my routing number and transit number change?
No. Your routing number and transit number will not change.

Will I need new checks?
No. You can continue to use your checks until they are depleted.

Will I need new paperwork for direct deposit?
No. Your direct deposit will not be affected.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have questions, please call 800-356-0067 or email

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