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Round Up Savings

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Want a simple, painless way to save some money for a rainy day?  With Round Up Savings, we'll automatically round up the change on your debit card transactions to the next dollar and deposit the difference in your savings account! Round Up Savings is available with Free Checking and Interest Checking accounts.


Enroll in the program by filling out the form below.


Use your debit card like you normally would.  Go grocery shopping, gas up the car, shop online, etc. 


The round-ups from your debit card purchases are accumulated and transferred daily from your checking account to your savings account.

Daily example:

Gas: $38.25. Round up: $39.00
Coffee: $3.15. Round up: $4.00
Wine: $16.99. Round up: $17.00
Amount transferred to savings at the end of the day: $1.61

Don't want to keep rounding up?  This feature may be removed at any time by filling out the form below.

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