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MVCU, RTN, Merger, Former RTN members

Welcome to Merrimack Valley Credit Union!

MVCU, RTN, Merger, Former RTN members

Welcome to Merrimack Valley Credit Union!



Frequently Asked Questions

As a former member of RTN FCU, you may have questions about your accounts, access, and how to continue banking now that you're a member of MVCU.   The most Frequently Asked Questions are addressed below:

Will my account number change?

At this time, your account number will remain the same. In the event your account number needs to be changed when the system conversion takes place in the second quarter of 2024, we will walk you through the process. Your money will always be available to you and your transactions will be processed.

Will my RTN checks still be honored or will I have to order or buy new checks?

Your RTN checks will be honored. In the future, when you need new checks, you may continue to order or purchase them as you have previously, including through the Credit Union.

Will I have to change the routing number for my direct deposit, bill payments, automatic transfers, etc.?

No. Deposits and payments using RTN’s routing number 211386445 will continue to be processed.

Can I still use my RTN debit and credit cards?

Yes, you may continue to use your RTN VISA® ATM/Debit and credit card as you normally do.

How do I access my accounts online?

Please continue to access RTN’s online and mobile banking as normal using your current login credentials. Access RTN's online banking.

Will there be any change to my existing certificates of deposit and loan rates and terms?

All existing certificates of deposit and loan rates and terms will remain in effect as described in your account and loan agreements.

Will my accounts continue to be insured?

There will be no changes to deposit insurance. Members will continue to enjoy federal share insurance coverage of at least $250,000 by the NCUA. Accounts in excess of federal coverage limits will continue to be fully insured by Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC).

How do I apply for a loan or mortgage?

Members may apply for a loan or mortgage online or at any branch. Former RTN members can continue to apply for vehicle loans, personal loans, and credit cards using our online applications. You also may call 781-736-9900 24/7 to apply for a consumer loan. Apply for a mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit with our online application.

Do I need to visit a branch to open a new account?

For your convenience, we encourage you to open new accounts at the branch you normally visit for the time being as certain transactions may take longer while we operate on separate systems. You also may open a new account online.

Can I bank at MVCU branches?

We encourage you to continue to bank at the branch you normally visit until the system conversion in 2024. However, if you do need to visit an MVCU branch, we will be able to assist you with your banking needs.

Can I use MVCU ATMs surcharge-free?

Yes, you can use all MVCU and RTN ATMs surcharge-free as of June 1.

Who do I contact for information or help with my account?

A representative is available 24/7 at 781-736-9900, or you may call a branch directly during business hours.  Phone numbers can also be found on RTN's page.