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Account Questions

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Account Questions
We absolutely will accept coin deposits! In fact, we have coin counting...    [Read More]
Yes! You can print out statements through Online Banking if you subscribed...    [Read More]
Yes. Please use our mailing address listed below: Merrimack Valley Credit...    [Read More]
Yes! You can join the credit union without leaving the comfort of your home....    [Read More]
You can get your statements electronically by signing up for eStatements. Sign...    [Read More]
We do not offer Health Savings Account at this time. Looking to open...    [Read More]
If your employer offers direct deposit, they will be responsible for establishing...    [Read More]
To add a joint owner to your account, a new signature card will be required...    [Read More]
You can deposit checks anywhere from your smartphone!  Download our...    [Read More]
To transfer money between your own accounts, follow these steps: Log...    [Read More]
Deposit times vary depending on when and where you make them: Cash...    [Read More]
There is no limit to the number of accounts you may have with the credit...    [Read More]
No. The account holders and your financial institution are the only ones...    [Read More]
An overdraft fee is assessed when you withdraw more money than you have...    [Read More]
Rates may change frequently but are always accessible online. Please select...    [Read More]
If you write a check and do not have enough money in your account by the...    [Read More]
Interest rates on Share Certificates vary and are based on the term of the...    [Read More]
You can always find our current rates on the Deposit Rates page!  We...    [Read More]
An insufficient funds fee (sometimes referred to as a nonsufficient...    [Read More]
Your account balance is the total amount of money that is currently in your...    [Read More]
To clear up a negative balance, you must make a deposit to your account....    [Read More]
There are many possible reasons why this is happening. During business hours,...    [Read More]
Funds from electronic direct deposits to your account and cash deposits...    [Read More]
View and manage all of your accounts in one place with MVCU online banking....    [Read More]
Your account number can be located: On your statements If you receive...    [Read More]
Please call 800.356.0067 to reach one of our member service representatives....    [Read More]
There are many possible reasons your card might be denied. For security...    [Read More]
You may have received a call from our fraud prevention center due to suspicious...    [Read More]
There may be a hold on funds in the account that caused the funds to be...    [Read More]
Under the requirements of the Patriot Act, all banks must run an identity...    [Read More]


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