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Debit Card Questions

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Debit Card Questions
For new debit card holders, you will be able to set your own Personal Identification...    [Read More]
Yes, your debit card is typically accepted internationally! For security...    [Read More]
You can activate your card at any ATM machine. A simple balance inquiry...    [Read More]
To order a new debit card, please contact a member service representative...    [Read More]
There is a $5.00 fee per replacement for lost ATM/debit cards. You can find...    [Read More]
If you are receiving this message, your card may be locked, or you may need...    [Read More]
The Credit Union does not charge a fee for using our ATMS. You can avoid...    [Read More]
Provided the funds are available in your account(s), you may: Withdraw...    [Read More]
To report lost or stolen ATM, debit and credit cards during business hours,...    [Read More]
Please visit one of our branches and select a PIN of your choice. ...    [Read More]
The terms “debit card” and “check card” mean the...    [Read More]
Your debit Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a private, unique number...    [Read More]
A debit card draws from money you have available in your checking account....    [Read More]
There are many possible reasons your card might be denied. For security...    [Read More]
There are many possible reasons why this is happening. During business hours,...    [Read More]
When you use your debit card to make purchases, money is deducted from your...    [Read More]
Please call 800.356.0067 to reach one of our member service representatives....    [Read More]


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