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General Product and Service Questions

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General Product and Service Questions
While the FDIC is centered around Banks and Trusts, credit unions are insured...    [Read More]
Typically, there are no closing costs associated with a Home Equity Line....    [Read More]
Yes, you can designate one of your savings accounts at account opening or...    [Read More]
Yes you may! To find a deposit-taking ATM near you, please use our ATM locator....    [Read More]
Yes! You can join the credit union without leaving the comfort of your home....    [Read More]
We strongly recommend that you order checks through our partner, Deluxe,...    [Read More]
You can get your statements electronically by signing up for eStatements. Sign...    [Read More]
Yes, we offer 24-hour Telephone Banking Service! Features:  Spanish...    [Read More]
Yes!  We offer investment services to all of our members.  Mike...    [Read More]
Bill Pay is a free service offered to credit union members via Online Banking. Getting...    [Read More]
You may reorder checks online through our partner Deluxe, or visit any of...    [Read More]
Deposits at MVCU are insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA),...    [Read More]
There is no limit to the number of accounts you may have with the credit...    [Read More]
Bill Pay is a free service offered to Credit Union members via Online Banking. Getting...    [Read More]
Our current stop payment fees are listed on our Schedule of Fees. Make...    [Read More]
We take your security very seriously, and Bill Pay is completely secure...    [Read More]
An overdraft fee is assessed when you withdraw more money than you have...    [Read More]
The Credit Union does not charge a fee for using our ATMS. You can avoid...    [Read More]
Rates may change frequently but are always accessible online. Please select...    [Read More]
IRAs are considered Payable on Death accounts. Your beneficiaries will be...    [Read More]
To send money to financial institutions outside the United States, you will...    [Read More]
We are proud to offer a variety of insurance products to safeguard more...    [Read More]
Interest rates on Share Certificates vary and are based on the term of the...    [Read More]
The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard...    [Read More]
IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. These accounts offer...    [Read More]
You can always find our current rates on the Deposit Rates page!  We...    [Read More]
A debit card draws from money you have available in your checking account....    [Read More]
Please refer to our up-to-date Fee Schedule for pricing. You can purchase...    [Read More]
Fees apply and vary by type of wire transfer. For more information, refer...    [Read More]
The maximum daily withdrawal from an ATM is $1,000.00 per business day....    [Read More]
MVCU's privacy policy and other disclosures can be found here. &nb...    [Read More]
Merrimack Valley Credit Union’s routing number is 211384926. If...    [Read More]
We can help you start saving for retirement today. We currently offer the...    [Read More]
You may have received a call from our fraud prevention center due to suspicious...    [Read More]


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