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Miscellaneous Questions

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Miscellaneous Questions
While the FDIC is centered around Banks and Trusts, credit unions are insured...    [Read More]
Yes! Credit Unions are full-service financial cooperatives and we are no...    [Read More]
You may join the credit union if you meet the following requirements: You...    [Read More]
No, we do not sell or cash savings bonds. Consider Opening a Savings...    [Read More]
We absolutely will accept coin deposits! In fact, we have coin counting...    [Read More]
Yes, you can designate one of your savings accounts at account opening or...    [Read More]
Yes, we can process incoming wires as well as outgoing wires both nationally...    [Read More]
Yes, we do accept direct deposit into both Savings and Checking. Once your...    [Read More]
We do not have a list of properties that we currently own. If you are...    [Read More]
Unfortunately, The Credit Union does not exchange foreign currency to US...    [Read More]
Yes, we offer 24-hour Telephone Banking Service! Features:  Spanish...    [Read More]
Yes, we offer a variety of business accounts and loans. We also offer services...    [Read More]
Yes! Safe Deposit Boxes are a wonderful option to protect your most valuable...    [Read More]
The Credit Union does not offer money orders or traveler's checks. However,...    [Read More]
You can change your address in online banking: Click the down arrow...    [Read More]
For security reasons, we recommend that you refrain from including confidential...    [Read More]
Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned...    [Read More]
To send domestic and international wire transfers, please visit the...    [Read More]
Exchange rates are calculated in global currency markets. The reasons for...    [Read More]
Credit unions are are not-for-profit organizations owned by the credit union...    [Read More]
Deposits at MVCU are insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA),...    [Read More]
Check with your former employer to verify that your 401(k) can be rolled...    [Read More]
The credit union does not offer money orders or traveler’s checks....    [Read More]
As a member, you not only have access to our complete suite of products...    [Read More]
To send money to financial institutions outside the United States, you will...    [Read More]
A credit union is a non-profit cooperative institution made up of members...    [Read More]
A post-dated check is any check that has a future date written on it. This...    [Read More]
The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard...    [Read More]
The Chex Systems, Inc. (ChexSystems) network is comprised of member financial...    [Read More]
Our mailing address is: Merrimack Valley Credit Union P.O. Box 909 North...    [Read More]
If you notice an error on your credit report due to an MVCU loan, please...    [Read More]
Funds from electronic direct deposits to your account and cash deposits...    [Read More]
Credit unions are owned by the members of that credit union. Banks, on the...    [Read More]
You may have received a call from our fraud prevention center due to suspicious...    [Read More]
There may have been an error with the amount entered on your check. Please...    [Read More]


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