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Digital Technology Upgrade

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The new platform is live - check out all the new features

Please use the Live Chat feature for faster assistance. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we will return messages and answer questions as quickly as possible.


Mortgage Holders: Payments made through online banking will show on the mortgage 24 hours after the payment is made.


Transfers: All scheduled transfers have been moved to the new online and mobile banking platform so you can edit the transfers.  These transfers will show with transaction description CVTD TXFR on your transaction history and statements.  

Mobile Banking Users!  Please delete your app and download the upgraded version. 

You asked for better tools and technology - we listened!  We are excited to bring you a new level of banking experience with more features and more convenience!  Below are the important details you need to know to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.  Please check back often for updates.

Online Banking Registration Required

Register from your desktop or the Mobile Banking App

  • Go to the Home Page 
  • Enter your current username
  • Enter your temporary password: 
    • Personal Accounts: Use the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number followed by your 4-digit birth year.  Example: 0000001976.
    • Business Accounts: Use the last 6 digits of the TaxID followed by the ZIP code of your business.
    • NOTE: If you are a joint account holder, you will be able to register for your own login credentials two weeks after the upgrade.  For security reasons, members should never share login credentials with other people, including joint account holders.
  • Click Login.
  • You will be immediately prompted to change your password.  This will now be your password for both Online and Mobile Banking.  Please check the box to remember the device you use.
  • Validate your contact information.  If either your email address or phone number was out of date, now is your chance to update it.
  • Agree to the online banking agreement and PDF confirmation.  To ensure you are able to view important disclosures and documents, you will need to confirm your device's ability to open these types of documents.

How To Videos

These step-by-step videos will help you navigate the new Online & Mobile banking platform:

Business Banking Videos:


Quicken, QuickBooks, & Mint

For Quicken, QuickBooks, or Mint users: This upgrade will require you to download all your transaction history before the upgrade, as well as set up a new connection after the upgrade. This will ensure that all your transactions will sync up and continue to download into your PFM.

Instructions to set up a new connection:

Note for Mint users: it may take up to 5 days to resync your transactions

Mobile App

To use the upgraded Mobile Banking, delete your existing MVCU or BCU mobile app.  

If you have not used mobile banking, simply download Merrimack Valley Credit Union's mobile app on your phone.

Black button that with phone icon and "Available on the App Store"Black button with arrow icon that says "Android App on Google Play"

What to do before & after the upgrade

Before the Upgrade:

  1. Ensure that your contact information is accurate by updating your profile on online or mobile banking.  A valid email or cell phone number on file will ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.
  2. Check your browser for compatibility.  See the list of compatible browsers below.
  3. Be aware of the username(s) and the accounts you are primary or joint on.
  4. If you use Bill Pay, review your payee information.
  5. If you use Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint, please see the instructions below to download your transactions.

After the Upgrade:

  1. Re-Register from your desktop or the Mobile Banking App.  Delete your existing app and redownload the app from teh App Store or Google Play.
  2. Review the list of accounts associated with your Social Security Number.
  3. Recreate your alerts under Notifications.
    1. Click the down arrow next to your name, and select "Settings" in the dropdown
    2. Click on the "Notifications" tab
    3. Click the Gear Symbol next to the notification you'd like to receive
    4. Move the button from "Off" to "On", and click "Save Changes"
  4. Grant shared access to others you trust with full or restricted access.
  5. Link your accounts from other Financial Institutions to see your entire financial picture.
  6. Check your FICO score.
  7. Try out all of the convenient features available on the new platform.

Upgrade Expectations

These transactions and resources will transfer to the new platform: 

  • Scheduled and recurring bill payments
  • Bill payee information
  • Scheduled online transfers
  • eStatements

Although we have tried to make this upgrade as smooth as possible for you, some information cannot transfer over to the new platform.  If these are features that you use, you will need to set them up once you are on the new platform.

  • Alerts
  • Shared Access login credentials
  • Budgets and savings goals
  • eBills - please wait 2-3 weeks after the upgrade to set up eBills again
  • PopMoney (for MVCU users) - will be replaced by Zelle in the future
  • LInks to Outside Accounts (for former Bridgewater Credit Union users) - you will need to set up accounts from other FInancial Institutions again

Bill Payment

Your scheduled and recurring bill payments will continue to be processed.  However, since we are consolidating our bill payment providers for both Merrimack Valley and former Bridgewater members, there will be some small differences.  The payment method in some cases (check vs. electronic) may change because of the new bill payment vendor.  The payment will be deducted from your account on the date you schedule the payment to be sent, not the date the company receives the payment.

We recommend that all bill payment users review their payees to make sure that the information is up to date.  Out-of-date payee names and billing information can result in processing errors.  We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks after launch to set up new eBill relationships for your payees.  Prior payment history may take several days to load in the new platform.   

Full Relationship View

To give you the added convenience of being able to do all your banking in one place, our upgraded digital banking platform will provide a full relationship view.  This means that any MVCU account associated with your social security number (primary, joint, or business) will show under one login, with some exceptions like minor, beneficiary, and estate accounts.  We highly recommend that you review your current ownership of accounts prior to the upgrade to understand what you will now see under your login.

If you are joint on an account that you do not want to see in online or mobile banking, you can hide those accounts:

  1. Click the down arrow next to your name, and select "Settings" in the dropdown
  2. Click on the "Accounts" tab
  3. Click the Pencil Symbol next to the account you'd like to hide
  4. Click the box next to "Hide This Account"
  5. Click "Save"

Primary vs. Secondary Account Owners

The temporary password that will be used to access the upgraded platform for the first time will be based on the primary account owner's last 6 of the SSN and birth year.  If you are unsure if you are the primary account owner, you can check your monthly account statement.  The name listed first is the primary owner.  Joint owners will be able to register to get their own digital banking login once registration is open, using their own social security number and birth year.

Browser Requirements

In order to provide a better and more secure online banking experience to our users, we support the following desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome: 2 most recent versions
  • Edge: 2 most recent versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: 2 most recent versions
  • Safari: 2 most recent versions

Note: Internet Explorer will not be supported.  Computers with Windows 7 and above have Edge pre-loaded.

Mortgage Information

For former Bridgewater Credit Union mortgage holders, you will no longer need a separate login to access your detailed mortgage information.  In the upgraded system, you can simply click "view transactions" on your mortgage and your mortgage center will open.  

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