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Schedule of Fees

Share On:

Account Names effective November 15, 2021:

  • Main Share Savings will become Membership Savings
  • Premium Share Savings will become Premium Savings
  • Share Savings will become Savings
  • Business Main Share will become Business Membership Savings
  • Free Checking will become Basic Checking

Fee Schedule:

Item Fee
Premium Savings: Excess Withdrawal $5.00
High Yield Money Market
If balance falls below $2,500
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $5.00/card
Attachment/Levy $50.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)** $30.00/item
- Under 19/65 and Older $5.00/item
Return Deposit Item $5.00
Escheatment $25.00
Official Check $3.50
Stop payments $25.00/each
Copy of Check $3.00
Copy of Statement $1.00/page
Research (1 hour minimum) $20.00/hour
Lost Passbook $15.00
Check reorders Fee varies based on type of checks
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing $20.00
Wire Transfer - International Outgoing $45.00

Foreign Check Deposits - Items drawn on foreign financial institutions that you present to us for deposit will be sent for collection. The funds will not be credited to your account until we receive the collected funds. This may take four to eight weeks. You are responsible for all fees and charges that we incur during the collection process. The amount of these fees and charges vary.

*The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means; share draft, in-person withdrawal, ACH withdrawal or other electronic means.

**A Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) will be charged per item for an overdraft created by a check or share draft, in-person or ATM withdrawal, ACH debit, POS purchase, or other electronic means, whether the item is returned or paid.  Multiple NSF fees could be charged on the same item if the merchant presents the item multiple times.  

Inactive Account

An account is considered inactive if for 12 months or more no withdrawal or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account and we have received no communication from you about the account. The fee for a inactive account is $2.50 per month (certain exclusions apply).  The Inactive Account Fee is waived for members under the age of 19, and ages 65 and older.  

Early Closings Penalties for Certificates (including IRAs)

91 Days Equal to all dividends earned
92 Days - 1 Year Up to 90 days of dividends earned
Over 1 Year Up to 180 days of dividends earned
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