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Home / News & Financial Education / Private: New Benefit Helps Families Make Smarter College Borrowing Decisions
Private: New Benefit Helps Families Make Smarter College Borrowing Decisions on 8/30/2022

Private: New Benefit Helps Families Make Smarter College Borrowing Decisions

We’re excited to announce a new MVCU member benefit that helps families plan for college expenses and financing– it’s called Edmit.

Going to college is one of life’s most significant opportunities. And it’s expensive! We’re giving you access to Edmit’s college planning tools so your family is set up for financial success.

Edmit’s professional guidance gives you peace of mind that you’re making the best decisions when it comes to paying for college. With personalized college reports and recommendations, you can find the best schools for your budget and understand the value of different colleges, including by specific majors.

With Edmit Plus, members have access to:

  • Personalized Advice: Decision support tools and a human touch to help navigate this major emotional financial decision
  • Learning Center: Extensive guides, lists, and resources related to paying for college
  • Software: Personalized aid and scholarship estimates, calculators, and college scholarship search

Oh, and it’s free! We’re covering the full cost of Edmit Plus, a $99 value. The average Edmit family saves over $5,000 in college costs!

Get Started Today:

  1. Visit and click “Get Started”

2. Provide a few details to access Edmit Plus for free.

3. Follow the steps to register and pick a college to get started.

Start enjoying this helpful member benefit today:

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