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Home / Tools / 6 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Decorating
6 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Decorating on 12/1/2021

6 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Decorating

Did Thanksgiving seem a bit late this year? Surprise—it’s already December! Traditionally, some families start decorating for the Christmas holiday the day after Thanksgiving.  Other families trim the tree and hang the lights in early December. Whatever your family holiday traditions are, here are 6 tips for easy, economical holiday decorating to get you started:

Consider a Reusable Tree

If you invest in an artificial tree, you’ll save money over buying a new, freshly cut tree each year. You’ll also be saving a tree from being cut each year, and saving the waste from hitting our landfills and dumps. Fake trees range from simple and inexpensive to lifelike, full, and even pre-lit! You can likely find one that will be the perfect fit for your style and budget.  If you miss the fresh tree smell, try lighting pine scented candles or diffusing holiday essential oils. Artificial trees can also be less messy (no needles all over the floor), less of a fire hazard, and may be safer around your pets.

Swap with Friends

Are you tired of seeing the same old garland, ornaments, tablecloth or other holiday decorations in your home each year?  Instead of running out to buy new ones, consider swapping with a friend or two. Each of you will have new colors/styles to enjoy this year without spending any money! 

Wrap the Table

Want to know a thrifty secret about creating a gorgeous holiday table runner? Try wrapping paper!  Simply roll it across the length of your table and tape it under each end to hold it firmly.  If your paper is wider than you’d like for a runner, just fold each edge under a bit and it will add some stability, too.

Clearly Beautiful

For a simple table centerpiece, try using a large clear glass bowl filled with something pretty to look at, such as blown glass ball ornaments, pinecones, candycanes or peppermint rounds, cinnamon sticks, or even candles.  Another idea is to put festive items in clear mason jars, wine glasses, or tall glass cups to display as a grouping in the center of your holiday table.

Make it Functional

Are there simple ways you can add some holiday cheer to your home, using what’s already there?  Maybe you could tie ribbons and bows around candles, potted plants, even your trashcan! How about simply changing your kitchen towels to a festive color, like solid red or green? If you have throw blankets in your livingroom, you could also easily swap those out for a solid red or green.

Get the Kids Involved

If you have children in your life, how could you get them involved with decorating for Christmas?  Depending on their ages, children could string popcorn garlands, make paper chain garlands, decorate pinecones, and come up with their own ornament ideas from paper, paint, glitter, glue and whatever crafting do-dads you have available! Find some fun ideas here from Parents Magazine. 

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